Make Life Sweet Again!!

Turn your struggles into Successes & thrive comfortably through change

Make Life Sweet Again!!

and discover your passions and purpose on your path to success. Turn your struggles into Successes & thrive in life, love or business


The Key To Success is in your Emotions

You’ve got ideas so many you’ve LOST your MOJO, & struggling to make them happen. You’ve listened to the videos, done the self work & nothing seems to be changing its frustrating?

Doubting it’s possible, worry, sleeplessness & stress get in the way of knowing what you want & you procrastinate not being productive, you’re about to give up?

You want to follow your heart, find your purpose, feel recognised for your gifts/talents to make income but how do you release confusion to trust your choosing the right path for your success ?

Feeling slightly bored, dissatisfied or unheard in your relationships at work or home you don’t know how to express that & would never admit it, but you want change?!

Are you ready for change… find more connection..more ease…get out your head and into your heart ?

Certified Excellence Intuitive Life Coach, Inspirator, Motivator & Self Awareness Guide

Hey I’m Ersilia and I’m happy you found me….

If you’re passionate, sensitive and struggling on how to create change to follow your heart then I believe I can help. I accompany passionate people to discover their creative potential and find emotional harmony for success. You learn how to heal your relationships and develop your gifts, talents & intuition for ease, productivity and balance.

With renewed confidence, you’ll begin to remember what lights you up, what brings you joy & find more courage & satisfaction to make a difference…waking up with more purpose… aligning with what you came here to be…


Anything is possible when you believe in you. Journey with me to your heart & discover your path to success?:


Step 1: Emotional Freedom Let your heart lead the way

Reset & relax weekly session to let go of the thoughts, pain, difficult emotions and get back to feeling good. Tools to self regulate , adopt new habits and create renewed energy & motivation to change.

Step 2: Intuition for boosted confidence

Lifecoaching Supports your evolution to tap into your creative potential & find new solutions, for inner & outer harmony. Boosting your courage to start your passion projects & stay focused to change direction for joy & success.

Step 3: Creative Business solutions, events

With creative facilitation develop innovative products, packages, or a space that engages connects & communicates your unique assets & style for renewed motivation & sales.

or change direction and find a career with purpose

Train as a Intuitive Lifecoach & Creative Facilitator



I wanted to transition from full time work to earning money from my airbnb & property. What I love about Ersilia was she was very hands on, we created a plan & strategy & within 3 months I had quit my job, to work from my creativity and gain income from my airbnb & retreats.

Max Royce, Owner

If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing experience this is the one to have. It was above and beyond what I expected. Ersilia organised a personal weekend for my birthday with a group of 3 girls & the results in my life 6 months later are noticeable. I got clear about a relationship that was not serving me. I feel I am living my passion more and more each day.

Melissa Weir, Geraldton, Australia

MG Concierge Services


This 4 day week exceeded my expectation, I now have defined my goals and took a good look at myself. I learnt that I need to say “no” more, that I am worthy and can ask others for help. I’ll continue to use some exercises and it was an excellent week. Ersilia & Cat, keep on doing the good work, so more people can benefit and learn the skills to fulfil their lives. Thanks for everything


Hossegor, France

I started Coaching with Ersilia after a relationship break up over a year ago. With the help it gave me I decided that it was a great transition to myself become a Coach. I have completed my training and it’s helped me develop myself, my emotions and confidently hear myself, my path and intuition. I have booked my flight to start my dream of travelling.

Mahli Amanda, Coach Geraldton



Boost your venue? needs a change of energy to sell…

Create income for your dreams by boosting your space to sell, or creating some experiences, developing a wellbeing venue or Airbnb. Not sure where to start or what’s needed? Let me help you out and get it ready to engage or sell. We activate and change the energy, bring some light and use the assets of what you already have. You don’t need a big budget just some creative ideas!!

Consult with me on how I can help you create an amazing feel good space, event or environment that boosts income, motivation, wellbeing and sales at home in your business or at work. I work with partner artists, creators and a network to find a model of success, and proven record for sales by tapping into what’s needed…..

Let’s collaborate ….

Not sure where to start. Learn more with self awareness.

Find some quiet

Connect with a free meditation to calm the soul

Get tips and tricks on my blog for an inspired life

Hire me for a talk or event

  • Joy at work
  • Intuitive Success
  • Emotional management for motivation
  • What is an experience & how to create income from experiences with your passions

Not sure where to start, start with our

Emotional Wellbeing classes

Feel good for success. Calm your thoughts and emotions to focus, get clear, release conflict, anxiety, stress, worry or procrastination to find confidence, motivation & energy to do more. It helps you to hear your heart and intuition to create ease.

Hey there

I’m Ersilia, I have a saying “love who you are to do what you love & love what you do”. It helped me to believe in me and start living as a passionate person with all my sensitivities. I believe to live a more inspired life you need to fully understand who you are. To do that sometimes we need time out from the daily grind to reevaluate, & reconnect to just be, listen to our emotions, that give us messages on what’s important. Hear your intuition, your own inner wisdom. It guides you to understand how to effectively live life. Creating more energy & space in this world to disconnect from the outside, others opinions & go inside to find your own, that joyful creative spirit. Your uniqueness is what makes you so bloody successful yet you hide away and play small and follow what you believe you “should” be doing!! I want to offer you a new way to express yourself & be unapologetically you. Get your S.H.I.T together (as they say in Oz)….. the real S.H.I.T – soul, heart, Intuition, & truth of you of what you want. It helps you to feel good to thrive through change, remember your dreams, boost your ideas and guide you to refind your inner light.

work with me

The journey to Joy begins

on your path to your desires, are you ready to fulfill them ?



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