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Inspired - "An extraordinary quality , as if arising from some internal creative impulse. That is breathed in".

"Intuition" - Into you I see..... It' s that innate quality that everyone has. That inner wisdom, that gut feeling, that I know I know but I don't know how I know. It helps BREATHE NEW LIFE in to old ways to connect you to

your Joyful Spirit because Joy is good for the soul & the health

Joy is an emotion that helps lead you like a compass in the right direction. How do you let it lead you. By taking a break to hear yourself & be more present to what you need. Be guided by the inner knowing to feel what's right & let go of what's not. So that you can enjoy this journey called life & thrive through challenge & change!!

So what exactly is lifecoaching?

Lifecoaching began many years ago when research showed that offering support to employees in business helped to bring more productivity. This as you know is also how sports champions evolve, with a coach a trainer to keep them on track to the goal. Not just winning but being the best they can to improve their chances. Coaching was then applied and adapted to trickling down into life, to find support to bounce ideas, go within and become the champion of your own life.

Sometimes on this journey we get stuck, stuck in the same old same old, repetivite patterns of thinking, creating feelings and habits that bring the same results. Sometimes we don't know how to change those, going round in circles. A lifecoach can help using objective tools to show you what you are resisting to change those habits to bring new things and feel confident to move forward. Going from where you are to where you want to be with more determination, ease and focus. Keeping you on track to your goals, dreams desires.


A dream written down becomes a plan, a plan broken down into steps becomes a process, a process put into action becomes a dream made real. Which step are you stuck on? Work with me to find out why?

How does it work?

Its the secret to gaining focus!!!!

Instead of asking why, you begin asking how.... How do I accomplish my desires, intentions, dreams. Instead of procrastinating, struggling or feeling undervalued, you become inspired to find solutions to create the relationship, project or business you always desired.   

Success is not a place, its a state of mind a state of being and a feeling. Therefore how you feel about yourself and what you do can make all the difference to your success motivation and drive.

Lifecoaching allows you to begin to trust and believe in yourself, find your own model of success by understanding your uniqueness and not what everyone else believes is success, getting clear on your life objectives, your relationship desires, what you need to feel fulfilled. What drives these needs and whether they are driving you in a positive or negative way. Lifecoaching incorporates tools to take an objective view and see things from another angle, then create action which creates change.

Myth - If we are successful we will be happy and find joy. 

Reality - If we are joyful we feel happy and successful


It’s not about your background, your qualifications, the right family upbringing

It’s about believing it’s possible?  It’s about learning how and finding your own model of success

If you didn’t know that you couldn’t do it, ……..would you?…...

Tell me more

It helps self reflection, raise your awareness of what you are choosing

Lifecoaching is a support system so you don't have to do life alone. We all need connection to others to help our journey, even if we believe we don't. Doing it alone you will get there, doing it with someone you will get there quicker.

It allows you to learn from your own life experiences, reflect on going where you truly want to be and how to move there becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable to make new actions to get there. How? by raising your self awareness, your choices. 90% of happiness is about the choices we make and only 10% about circumstances. 80% of life is about psychology and only 20% action. Happiness therefore becomes a choice and becomes the true goal. As you work on an inner level you release anything standing in the way of choosing it, consciously and creatively. Thats where intuition comes in, instead of listening to everyone else you listen to yourself and what suits you. You begin to feel it from within, the more you know how it feels, the more you know whether its the right choice for you.

And what is intuitive lifecoaching?

Its our uniqueness, our secret sauce!!!!

Intuitive lifecoaching takes you to another deeper level. It takes an holistic approach, you as a whole person, meaning it offers support for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Mental - the mind, emotional - the heart, physical - action, spiritual - the inner spirit that is joy.

Intuition is your inner wisdom that spirit within that guides you, and as you learn to hear it, it shows you the opportunities, people and places that help you get what you need first, to take you towards what you want. You become aware of your needs and where you aren't fulfilling them, and instead out of balance of fulfilling the ideals of all those around you!! You hear the voice of compassion rather than the negative critical voice that puts you down. It's an experience that incorporates a way to raise your self awareness of what you do and don't enjoy in life. Because experimenting is how you learn. A way to experiment and fail in a safe way. Then readjust instead of giving up!!

When Joy arises it's like a love affair with life, its the dance of the soul... and anything is possible!!

What are the results you get through coaching?

You begin to nourish and nurture your soul to remember its ok to think of you, begin to shift your perspective and take a 180 turn, bringing new experiences to all areas of your life. .You begin to raise your self awareness of what you are choosing & gain insights on how to accept that or change that. I specialise in Intuition, emotions and focus and also offer a way to find:

  • Focus that brings Calm
  • Calm that offers Clarity about self, your direction, whats important, your gifts & talents, your emotions
  • Stable emotions offer a way to manage daily challenges, which brings Confidence and feeling good
  • Confidence brings Courage - to overcome things you think you can't
  • Courage brings consistency to keep going in the right direction getting past rejection
  • Consciousness of the choices you are making
  • With intuition you find creativity bringing new opportunities and inspired solutions for your needs
  • Ways to communicate more effectively
  • Time to reevaluate in a light and fun way
  • Chance to meet great likeminded people

I have a saying, remember to love who you are, to do what you love and love what you do

What's my training?

By passion, professionalism & experience

My passion for self development has bought me years of learning and understanding human psychology. I trained over 5 years under a psychologist and business manager as a professionally certified intuitive Coach and facilitator (train coaches). I also trained with a psychiatric nurse in a method known as the 3C for concentration, calm and control, specialising in emotional awareness tools and communication tools.

What I value

Simplicity. Nature. Self Discovery. I guarantee you will love the difference in my approach. My values are also in line with my aims, your Growth and evolution, contribution to society and to humanity. Leadership: Shape a better future, create value and make a difference. Unity: Share knowledge and ressources Love: Love what I do and do it well. Passion: Transmit passion and purpose for life Diversity: Allow individuality and creativity. Quality: Offer what I do with standards. Curiosity: Take an interest in our world and others. Focused: Remain focused on the needs of the client, customer and the changing environment. Environment: As much as possible be in line with the natural laws of the universe

and finally what happens if you don't take a break time out for you, for joy???

You become stressed, age quicker, get health problems, go home shout at your husband or wife and the kids, ruin your relationships, get desparate, burn out........!!!! need I go on....

Made with your wellbeing in mind

Join me for a weekend and dive deep

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Think about it wouldn't you rather be thriving than surviving?

Do you have a dream a desire, but never done anything about it?

Do you want to feel better, more satisfied, be in a fulfilling relationship, or have a business that works?

Do you doubt it’s possible?

or constantly criticise yourself for not doing anything about it?

Call me, let's work on it

Call me

What if you decided right now was the time to start, stop waiting and leap?

Try this exercise……..Close your eyes and take yourself back. Remember that time when you were full of energy hope and life that marvelled at everything and who already knew deep down inside what they wanted to do later. What happened to them? Did they get lost over the years, in rules and courtesies. Did they re-enter into the mould of society, shaped by other peoples opinions.?

What would happen if you decided it was time to go looking for them?


To get rid of judgement, what others say and preconceived ideas?


To reconnect to this light-heartedness?To finally be more of you?


 make a decision to transform something today

So you can say:


I offer a series of programs that enables you to gain emotional balance, overcome challenges let go of the negative self talk, doubt and issues that no longer serve you... 

 Each step you take brings solid long lasting results:

  • Attract More fun, love, time and money = I feel alive!!!!
  • Reconnect with your lightheartedness = inspiration, spontaneity, innovation!! 
  • Feel better = I can overcome set-backs, challenges or fear.
  • Reinforce your qualities and strengths = I can do it!!!!
  • develop focus and calm = I achieve emotional stability!!
  • increased energy =  I am more productive, I get results!!
  • learn to use your inner critic as a stimulator rather than a demotivator
  • confidence = I trust me and affirm my decisions, my desires are fulfilled!!
  • Let go of pressure = I communicate my needs!!
  • Be more of who you really are =  I love me and communicate it with ease!!!