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Mandala Healing Journey

5th November 2023, Geraldton

Intro to Intuition

coming soon Perth

Intuitive writing

Ersilia Tarantino
Creative Director

Need a facilitator to create a private event

Invest in you, it's the best investment you will ever make....

Thank you for working with me, for being such a beautiful space and presence, and for inspiring and reminding me that the universe is full of wonderful people. I am taking Joy seriously and you had such a beautiful part to play in that, thank you



I have recently had the honour of working with Ersilia. She is an expert at making 'things' run smoothly, a pleasure to work with and wonderful.

I also discovered Ersilia is skilled at fine tuning small business's, through a program run by Pollinators.

This lady has no boundaries and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Jennie Haste

Thanks for your time to help me move past my feeling of being "stuck". It's unsettling to know where you want to go but not being able to move past a stuck emotion. Thanks for your intuitive guidance and patience 🥰



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