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Living with Passion on Purpose to find harmony in the everyday - Personal or Professional Intuitive Development Facilitator

What if the change you were

looking for was found in Slowing down & hearing your emotions?

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Ersilia Tarantino, Intuitive Lifecoach & Creative facilitator

Why? Because what if slowing down was the way to reconnect to yourself or others, what if pausing was the way to get back to feeling good. What if creating a few moments in your everyday was how you could create big change. deal with your emotions and turn them around to work for you not against you What if taking a break

was your true path to success, to hearing your own inner self your desires & becoming more self aware.

I hear the resistance saying but I don't have time, I can't afford to slow down.

and instead you burn out.

What if I could show you that slowing down can be done in the everyday, starting with 3mins.

What if Emotions, intuition are the signals, the messages from Life's experiences and and in ignoring them, that was lack of self care

What if instead business was an avoidance technique and if you could hear them you could become more effective. It's how you learn who you are, what you need & what's your purpose...

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good anything seems possible?

Did you know 80% of life is about the emotions that drive our habits that drives what we do or create the results we get. Did you also know that 80% of life is about psychology and only 20% logic and rationality....Did you also know that some of the most successful entrepreneurs use there intuition to make gut decisions!


If you're wondering why what you want isn't working, or you keep repeating the same old same old, it's probably because you have got stuck in somebodies else's ideas of life success, past emotional experiences, fears or failures and trying to create new things with old ideas..... and its not working because it just doesn't fit with who you are and your passions, sensitivities and how you work!!.

Have you ever stopped to pause, take time to understand what your model, ideals or ideas of success truly are?

Conflict arises when we don’t reach OTHERS ideals of life…ideas of success If you're wondering why things aren't working it might be they weren’t your ideals. and maybe you just plodding on getting lost in what everyone else wants, believed hoped for and got disappointed Success is not just a state of mind but a feeling, it’s an emotional journey and if you are following the wrong ideas about success that don’t suit who you are, then research shows you burnout.

and positive thinking and doing an affirmation just won't cut it or even work to help you feel better.

Positive feelings don’t always last, they often get replaced with others, like frustration, anger, discontentment and often we would rather ignore them, “just be positive” is what you tell yourself. But what if by ignoring those feelings you were ignoring yourself, your needs and instead of shutting down those negative emotions you learnt to deal with them, hear them, accept them and understand what they mean about life, yours. How do you do that in the business of life? by pausing to, slow down, go within, take a break. Taking a break might just me 3 mins a day.

Burn is not only physical but emotional. I’ve been there and it’s not very nice. Being positive, saying an affirmation all the time is possible but I've don the research it takes 166 days of continuous repetition to change the neural pathways, or you could just change the emotions that create new actions and feelings that effect the nervous system and bring more rapid change..

Maybe it's time to find out what being PASSIONATE TRULY MEANS

IF YOU'RE passionate it means you are a deep feeler, being passionate means you are also emotional, being passionate means you are also intuitive, and sometimes in denying those things, you are denying your true path to peach, harmony, joy and success. When you’re a passionate person you can get caught up in the ups and downs of feelings, other peoples ideas, you’re sensitive, can be influenced, you're deep and that’s very often misunderstood. Passion can be a struggle, it can be obsessive, but it can also be a gift, harmonious, a power to be around, passion focused in the right direction can bring big change, help make a difference if it’s empowered. Learning how to slow down helps you understand when you are overdoing things.

From Struggle to Harmony Creating change means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

It means learning to live with all your emotions, the good and the bad. Life does not at any one moment not come with feelings. They show us we are alive, they show us when we are in pain, they are the signals to whether we are on track to what we desire or out of whack out of line. I bet as a child you were very often as told, don't be sad, don't be angry, don't get frustrated, suck it up and you learnt to shut down those feelings, hide them away, avoid them. Believing they were wrong, telling yourself "there must be something wrong with me, and tried to fix it" instead of learning tools to listen to them, know how to handle them, what they are telling us to love yourself for them. There is beauty in being deep and emotional when emotions make you feel empowered. They tell us what we need at any given time. Fulfillment just means fulfilling our needs, but if you ignore your emotions, you are ignoring your needs and that creates dissatisfaction, discontent and more pain in the body, mind and spirit.

WHAT ARE FEELINGS? What does lacking self love truly mean?

Feelings are emotions rendered conscious, emotions are the messages and signals that come through your body, your nervous system, from your environment, from your inner wise spirit, the soul, the receptacle for your spirit. Your intuition is your connection to spirit to creation, to joy. If you ignore your feelings if you ignore you gut you are ignoring yourself and your needs what your soul truly desires, that's what they call lack of self love.

Listening to your feelings means listening to what your soul truly desires, your path to happiness and success. Happiness is a feeling, success is a state of being a feeling, not just a state of mind, a concept

Are you asking Why isn't it working, why can't I feel better?

Have you stopped to pause to reflect or has life got to busy and you repeat the same old habits, they can be persistent, and bring up many emotions, You PLOD ON trying to find ways to FEEL BETTER but it just doesn't seem to happen

Frustration sets in, but did you know it's is a sign that you aren't fulfilling your needs, . Anger arises, but did you know it's a sign for how to find solutions, to find what your purpose in life is. Sadness is a sign that it's time to let go. Pleasure is a sign you are moving in the right direction, joy is a sign that you are on the right path. You can't be positive and feel better until you know why you aren't!!

Change also brings up that nagging voice inside that tells you can't or try something else instead of stopping to listen, get present relax understand your needs.

that voice in your head that tells you to GET YOUR S.H.I.T TOGETHER, stop being so emotional, make it happen, but you can't get focused and instead it makes you feel inadequate. You believe others seem to be doing well so why aren't you? Others are succeeding so what's wrong with you?

or maybe they just aren't as sensitive or passionate maybe they are just ignoring how they feel.

Spark, oomph the joy & satisfaction of life disappear when you constantly criticise how you feel

I bet you have ideas, plenty of them, a dream of what you you truly desire, to make a difference, leave your legacy behind, travel somewhere special, write that book, find that special relationship or start that business. You get a bit of motivation, and then make excuses why it's not possible....and then it falls away.

YOU WORRY about losing money, not being able to SUPPORT yourself or what others think, and you can't make a decision. So instead you stop & get stuck.

Damn that procrastination

Procrastination sets in, you hear yourself say things like I'll do it when... I get more money, the kids are gone, I have more time, one day, yet one day never comes. Those excuses are a form of resistance, procrastination a sign that you aren't moving in the direction of your dreams and you drive is in the wrong place.

You may ignore those feelings because you have a habit of supporting everyone else, and so put those dreams back in the closet, cover up what you want or how you feel to all those around you. They believe that you have CONFIDENCE, know exactly what you're doing and they need you right? and you feel GUILTY, it wouldn't be fair to put your needs first.


About right...? Bloody hell it's exhausting all that!!

What if you could change that, experience your desires, life with more motivation, energy & ease. My lifecoaching supports you to

Calm your thoughts to find confidence

Manage your emotions to boost your motivation

Rid yourself of doubt & procrastination to be more active

So that instead you can:

Success is a journey, not a destination. It's how you see success that makes a difference.

Perhaps you've started, tried, dabbled with the idea, but not really committed 100%, so not getting very far, waiting until the times right, to get it all perfect? but when is it right. Confidence comes from starting, trying and adjusting.....

No one can live life without learning something. What you learn and experiences you had can often determine your success or or lack of in life, those experiences even when difficult are what made you....it's how you learn and evolve.

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What if instead of feeling confused you could feel:

clear, on purpose, communicate who you are know what you want and what's possible.. Stop focusing on others to focus on you. It's about learning how to be ok with all of you and learning how toho:

trust yourself that what you want will work

not worry what others think but BE SURE & CONFIDENT you can make it work. Find people who believed in your ideas

not worry you might lose money but instead gain wealth & happiness. Be supported to connect with your vision, goals lifestyle you aim for & love

be able to jump out of bed in the morning with energy to feel on purpose. Find opportunities to know that being authentic could attract the right people

Create habits that boost who you are to live with your passions. stop struggling to be heard or recognised and express yourself, know your direction and keep focused.

Instead of worry & stress you create ease in the body & mind and find guidance

Fed up, exhausted and demotivated?

Worry & stress creates unease in the body, mind and spirit. Burn out is not only physical but emotional. Many clients come to me fed up, exhausted, frustrated and demotivated ready to give up, chuck it all in, edge of exhaustion having tried different therapies, coaching techniques, books programs, stressing and worrying about running out of time or even money, and no further then when they started. Looking outside for the answers, when the solutions are within.....

You can keep

reading the books, watching the videos, listening to the "experts" and wait till you are perfect!!

try different methods, spend money on training, programs, techniques searching outside of yourself

try one more course of how you "should" do it, that might help slightly and things might change a little. You will probably feel better for a while, but the worry and stress will come back as the clock starts ticking and time runs out and you still haven't achieved your ideals of life.

Continuing to complain and feel dissatisfied things only get

worse, it effects your body, your relationships, your health. You spend more time on doctors and lawyers than pleasure and fun!!. Believe me I've been there and done that

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OR YOU COULD GIVE ALL THAT UP, AND BEGIN TO TRUST & LEARN HOW TO HEAR THE ANSWERS within YOU. Start listening to your emotions, their messages, to yourself and what you need, to get what you want with your style, your authenticity and your truth. Find your uniqueness, your tools and your own inner wisdom, and begin to trust your ideas, your gut

Conflict arises when we don't reach our ideals of life...

or maybe they weren't your ideals, maybe you got lost in what everyone else believed hoped for and got disappointed because you have been coached before and nothing changed.

If what you want isn't working, or you keep repeating the same old same old, it's probably because you have got stuck in past emotional experiences, fears or failures and trying to create new things with old ideas..... and its not working because it just doesn't fit with who you are and your passions, sensitivities and how you work!!.

and positive thinking and doing an affirmation just won't cut it or even work to help you feel better.

Let me guide you to discover how to set yourself up for success, turn your passion into purpose & find calm to understand what drives you to

feel confident, content & satisfied

Are you ready to be supported?

Let me tell you a secret

it's not only about confidence, you've got some of that right?

strategies & systems , logic & rationality, you've got those too?



You see most people don't change their experiences because they only look at the mindset, and stay stuck in habits, ignoring their emotions, heart, intuition and truth, not conscious of their reactions and how it effects what they do, their life, their relationships.

Nope, it's about the courage to try.....Here is the philosophy....

it's about being present, deep down honest with yourself to be authentically you, change your perspectives, Having the COURAGE to face whats not working to make new actions . The tools to feel & hear those EMOTIONS the missing link to success, through the discomfort of change, new habits, new experiences. Know how to TRUST yourself to release those thoughts that don't help, the mental blocks to open your HEART, master the challenges, to remain calm & motivated through those moments to gain new outcomes, perspectives and create new actions and results to get what you need.

So don't dip your toe, have a go

Sometimes we just need an objective point of view, bounce ideas, guidance. Sometimes we give up just at the moment success is around the corner because discomfort is too hard!! Did you know that by taking only 1 hour a week or 3 minutes of time a day to get calm, go within, get focused & directed you can increase your success and opportunities in any area of your life & find more happiness & purpose. Why? its reflection time, connection time to you to your heart, to get out of your head, manage the emotions. With repetition it allows you to become more self aware. . By learning how to raise your awareness of your weaknesses, emotions & fears you can turn them into advantages, receive the messages of what your emotions are telling you. Begin to trust your own inner guide to give you the answers on how to get to where you want to go and create harmony & balance with grounded motivation.


Here's the science

Skeptical? It's called emotional and intuitive intelligence. Science is proving it. The body mind connection, not separate but as a whole. Connecting the head, the heart, the body and spirit. Moving emotions into motion. An holistic approach. We are more than just a brain, and so often often forget the rest, the physical, emotional and spiritual side of being human.



When you are driven from a place of lack you can get somewhere but when you are driven from a place of love you get even further. Looking out for yourself becomes a way to look out for others. Be an example of happiness to share in the world, teach your children, partners, others and pass on the happiness.

Been there......done that...

I have developed, been trained and used tools I teach and educate, for the past 10 years. My intuition since I was a child and researched the psychology of change, success behaviour, motivation, emotions & life experiences to work over the last 10 years with international clients, solving and identifying why they are not succeeding in their ideas to reveal their underlying struggles. Innovating the way they think, feel and act to achieve their goals by learning how to feel into themselves and raise their awareness of their reactions, communication and drive.

The big question on my clients minds is:

How can I make what I want possible, feel happier, on purpose, make the next 25 years count, move towards more meaning, feel content knowing I am able to have the money & lifestyle I desire whilst making a difference in the lives of my family & others.

The path to new experiences begins here, with 3 simple minutes a day to pause, create new habits and emotions.

It takes commitment to change. To learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and transition, to grow and evolve without resistance, to commit to you and your desires 100%?

It starts with 3 minutes to change your thoughts, 11 minutes to change your feelings, 22 minutes to help you create new actions and with repetition you can create a whole new life!!!

Are you ready to find what lights you up, what brings you joy

Why not start with my jump 4 week discovery program.

tools that last a lifetime...


The starting point to discovering your purpose is to discover who you are. When you discover who you are your dreams evolve as if they have a mind of their own.

Imagine what life would be like if you did nothing right now, if you keep putting those desires on hold. How would you feel in 5 years ? Regret!! where would you be ? still doing what you are doing now? feeling the struggle and pain of not having achieved your goals?

Identifying the change

I have learnt how to identify the one thing that will help you change the way you invest your time. I used to invest my time on the wrong things, searching outside of myself, trying to work it out on my own. I got disappointed, lost and confused by what everyone else said I "should" do and then gave up. I don't want you to give up. I believe and care that what you want matters.

I was wrong about one thing, I could create my dreams and do it alone but with support. Support and encouragement from the right person, to begin to believe in me again, so I could hear myself, my intuition, connect to more me, feel my emotions and not avoid them to hear the messages to guide me in the right direction and look after myself and my needs. I had to go through 4 country moves, 2 businesses and countless failed relationships to work that out. To finally identify the change I needed and the winning formula to follow my heart, my joy to feel on purpose, find the man of my dreams and build my business whilst being committed to me and my authenticity, the path to true success.

I have perfected what it is that will help you to identify the change you need to make to successfully achieve your goals. Live comfortably connecting the spiritual, heart and the material, money, to feel reassured you are doing the right thing, recognised and valued for who you are and what you do. Be that sexy, vibrant you you once were, gain more daily joy & satisfaction, boost your pleasure,income, attractiveness and motivation in any area of your life.

I want to save you time and money.....

Create wellbeing through life coaching

and make transformation sustainable, to achieve what you want quicker and faster

Balance comes from understanding yourself and taking a journey from the inside out to not just do but create!

These tools will not only

help you feel better you

will achieve your goals easier and with more fun. Release pressure, tensions and stress. Learn how slowing down can get you where you want faster and more productively

You will find presence, peace of mind and simplicity to change your habits, thoughts and ideas about whats true

learn how manage your emotions and use them to your advantage to understand how to perform at your best and communicate clearer with ease. Fulfilling your needs, boosting your energy and motivation

Find exceptional courage, confidence, assertivity and know how to tap into your intuition any time any place to make amazing decisions

Gain more self awareness, connect with more self love and know how to receive in delicious and delightful ways from those around you, including money.


Are you ready to take a different path to more joy and ease, knowing you are making the right moves for your future success by being fully who you were meant to be? or are you going to continue to make excuses why you can't to please others, continue to be stressed, feel guilty and waste time complaining?

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The cost of inaction is pain and discontentment, low energy & performance, money spent on doctors, bad relationships and a dull life, instead of the pleasure and fun of living your dreams!!!

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