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Living with Passion on Purpose to find harmony in the everyday - Personal or Professional Intuitive Development Facilitator

Are you ready to thrive ?

& refind harmony in your relationships and asking what’s next? you’ve leant in to change, but not sure why it’s not working.. ? ….. it’s slow

What if it was just about becoming more conscious and aware of how you are feeling that affects your wellbeing, business or relationships, so you can feel good, turn your struggles into successes your ideas into income & use your unique passions for purpose!! ITH ME

Change can knock your confidence, especially when you aren't ready, and even if you are ready it might not be what you expected, that little dream, relationship or idea not working out quite how you thought. Or perhaps you are looking for change and not sure what, only that you want to feel more alive, on purpose, living well, making a difference, feeling like yourself again, making the next 25 years count!.  What if you instead of doing it alone you could find guidance, harmony to evolve to new experiences, discover how to reconnect in your relationships, use your passion, and follow through with your ideas, trusting you are making the right decision for your future?.

  What if it was time to transform how you feel, reconnect to listen to yourself your emotions & intuition to let them lead you in the right direction, to refind your enthusiasm energy, courage & motivation to update & follow through with new inspired ways to create sustainable change and relationship harmony? 


An Inspiring Break boosts your wellbeing for renewed confidence, courage & connection to navigate change with ease. It shows you how to turn your struggles into successes, reset your emotions & hear your intuition for new experiences.

The first step to change is change your mind about what's possible, the second step is to get clear &

the third step is to consciously learn how to navigate the challenges and communicate your desires.

Which step do you need to take to be reinspired to act?!!!:

Step 1 change your mind & emotions FOR SUCCESSful communication

Find calm & focus through chaos. Learn how to self boost your energy & motivation to act, transforming your relationships, productivity & ideas. Feel better about yourself money, work, others, with emotions that support your success. Self management tools to destress, relax, find harmony & peace. For Individuals, parents groups or schools.

Step 2 find wellbeing with journeys & breaks

When life gets overwhelming sometimes you just need to retreat & reset, get clear. Comfortably learn how to navigate change, release pressure & find wellbeing and focus for the next steps. Learn what lights you up, what gives you joy, who gives you joy. Explore your unique hearts desire, passion or relationships. These breaks are innovative experiences for you to boost yourself a group or your couple & collaborate

Step 3 tap into your intuition for guidance

Get ready to trust yourself, your vibes to create a path to possibility & hear your inner wisdom for easy decision making, finding support or purpose in everyday life. Trust your gut, your body to feel confident you are making the right move or what move to make. Work or train with me in intuition


Create wellbeing through life coaching

Intuitive Lifecoach,

Hey I'm Ersilia

I'm glad you found me. If you’re struggling on how to create change, find new meaning, connect to hear your heart, use your passion, your ideas to feel good then I believe I can help. I accompany you to refind that innate confidence & wellbeing for success, discover your creative potential & find emotional harmony for ease to transition to new things. You learn how to heal your relationships develop your unique gifts & talents & how to follow your intuition to find purpose, productivity & balance. step by step

I also collaborate with passionate creators, artists, wellbeing workers to design & develop wellbeing packages, programs, products, tours or experiences that help comfortably navigate the uncomfortable moments of life change in relationships or business. Turning your struggles into successes, passions into purpose and ideas into income to feel, happier healthier, wealthier & wake up to more joy from within.

Overcoming obstacles becomes easy when you connect to all of you, the inner power of your body, mind, emotions & spirit



Releasing struggle

Most people look to overcome struggles from a mental logical place. Looking for joy satisfaction, fulfilment, purpose outside, make them a mental concept, instead they are feelings to get present to. That's an inner journey. I help you see the beauty of that inner world, the wisdom in your emotions, feelings, body sensations, and create the outer world to match.


Getting out of your head to be led from the heart

Unsubscribe from the struggles in your head, to get present. When you tap into the potency of your heart connection you’re creating from a full place and that takes doing a 180 turn to see life from a different angle of vision, using the heart to direct the head!! connecting logic with feeling.


Changing Habits

The things that make you uncomfortable are often the signs to dive deeper, the excuses you make are often the resistance to change.. I teach you how to get comfortable through uncomfortable moments to overcome those excuses to experiment your creative expression, fuel your way forward, & change your mind about what you can do to stay motivated. You learn to change habits for good. express and communicate in new ways. Release doing only for others and doing for you, procrastination, that inner critic that tells you can’t, you don't deserve it, perfectionism, dissatisfaction, to stop believing there is something wrong with you to find what's right. The journey to change begins on your path to you & your desires, are you ready to stop hiding them?


Consciously creating a joy filled life that fills you up

You no longer search & seek because you feel the Joy bubbles up within when you wake up on purpose. You learn to understand what drives & motivates you. Do you know whether happiness is your motivation? What brings that feeling of Joy? Joy is an emotion. Emotions don’t make you weak or weird they're the path to your success they give you messages in the pain, difficult, negative ones to show where you are off track to get back to feeling good. Instead of avoiding them you learn to manage them for positive transformation, it allows you to fulfil your own needs. Instead of finding distractions, helping others, making excuses, saying an affirmation, believing that’s what you “should’ do you overcome struggle by dealing first with your own energy & emotions to feel more ease.

The best way to know if something works is to try it. T ry one of my sessions at a discounted rate of AUD$70 (usually aud$150) or book me for a talk on emotions or intuition...

Intuitive, Dynamic Sensitive

Dreams made real

Are you struggling in your business to sell it or engage customers?

Clients today are not just shopping or eating out, they want to have an experience which entails inspiring them to engage with your business story, assets, uniqueness. The same with your staff, finding and helping them feel valued to engage and do over and above. Let me help you tap into that energy in your business or venue and create a memorable event or moment to change their experience to add sales and engagement. Or if you are struggling to sell that Airbnb or business, let's relook at the space to ooze attractiveness and make it easy to sell. Find your difference amid the crowd & innovate what you've started. It doesn't have to be expensive , you just need some creativity, I have proven results that create sales or engage

Is it all getting too much, you can't make a decision, you're PROCRASTINATING?? Do you WANT TO FIND more focus, more ease on which idea to follow & give your body good energy to start

Book an intuitive clarity session to jump start your journey to passion

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"It's a nice journey that we go on with a structure that works well for what we do, . Ersilia helps to weedle out the nooks and crannies of what you are hiding. She is both intuitive and caring at the same time. I feel safe to cry and allow all my emotions, learning that when I acknowledge them and what I need, it creates the confidence to then face the challenges"

Cat Vizor - Esteem Charity, UK

to take your IDEAS & make them your success. Learn more in my signature program Path to Possibility & boost your wellbeing for life


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