SelfDiscovery Journeys

Guiding you to feel good for success

Ready to relax, embrace change, slow down, find purpose?

Journey with me to harmony, renewed energy, motivation & success in the everyday to allow your passions to thrive, reveal your purpose & make change easy, in spectacular locations.

Imagine stepping away from all the noise & hustle for a little while to find some space, …just get cosy and comfortable learning about what you enjoy, discovering new things about yourself & going home with more peps, motivation inspiration & new ideas about what you can do. You can’t always go on holiday to step away but you can take an inspiring brea, get away from being just a mother or father, the work the job, reboost your energy and release everyone else’s ideas & emotions to discover yours.

Don’t make TIME a luxury you can’t afford, make you the luxury worth making time for & make a date with creativity & Wellbeing to get back to feeling good before you burn out!!

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being – Hafiz

Our inspiring breaks, give you a moment to explore your beautiful self your ideas & your dreams. 

Refind what you love, You’ll go home with so much oomph and clarity nothing will stop you wanting to create them!!!

Step 1…Book some Wellbeing

Step 3…Add a local visit or extend overnight accommodation

Step 2…Add art or creative venture

Step 4. Extend it to a weekend, Explore your couple, your friends the area

Let’s start a journey

Predesigned for wellbeing & creativity in mind,

body & soul. For you, a group of friends or your couple

Learn to bring balance, harmony and mindful moments into the everyday

Learn how to relax the mind and emotions to feel better, sleep better, jump out of bed on purpose

Learn how slowing down can boost your joy and connect you with your intuitive guidance

Discover your unique gifts and talents by experimenting and experiencing

The Creative Journey

Release tensions, find focus, create from within with a mandala

An effective way to find guidance from your inner wise self

The Me time journey

Pure guilt!! Realign the body and mind for clarity & energy.

Soothe the emotions
Full Moon Yoga

Wellbeing Nature Journey

Moon Gazing, grounding, meditation or yoga to the rhythms of the didgeridoo, out of your head into your heart.

Dance your way back to bliss

Easy Fun moves an Intuitive way to move forward, release procrastination and get unstuck

Dining in Nature

Create passion & connection, you’ll go home same same but different, see yourself & your partner all over again & bring some joy back to your relationship in our beautiful location

“this experience allowed me to learn some mindfulness to get silent so I could hear myself and find my own inner resources, it was so wonderful sitting watching the rain”

busy mum, Geraldton

The Shamanic Journey

Connect with your spirit to find the answers to your questions

The Emotional Freedom Journey

A beautiful experience in nature to learn tools for emotional management and to relax the mind to destress

“I spent a weekend with Ersilia in France to find tools for my classroom to ease agitation. Her intuition was spot on and I released some outdated ideas which helped me and my students”

Jorges, Hoosegor, France

Wake up slowly, sleep easy,

create self compassion

Why not make it an overnight ?

Our weekends will help you:

Soothe Body & Soul

how to release tensions, pain in the body, difficult thoughts and emotions, get present, more stable, make decisions

Change your mind about what you can do

begin to sleep better, feel more alive, energised and become more effective in your daily life to cope with the challenges more easily. Connect to your intuition

Renew your energy

Refind courage & confidence, learn how to protect your energy with tools to be less affected by others to communicate your needs & boundaries, boosting your relationships, less conflict more connection & understanding


The Key to success is in self awareness

If you are struggling, going through a painful break up, illness, loss or changing times, moving to new things, new country, jobs or just need a timeout from the anxiety thoughts, children, stress or emotions then these experiences will really help. It’s a moment to pause and have tools to cope, connect to you again or your couple, friends. A mix of lifecoaching, wellbeing tools such as meditation, silence, relaxation, mindfulness, walking in nature, some fun, creativity, local area visits and ideas to positively transform your emotions.When you are anxious, shut down, sensitive and reacting, your brain can’t find solutions, let’s teach you how to turn that around and make positive change for your wellbeing to find your passions & purpose. These moments will help you learn:

Take a look at our 2 day journey weekends

Soothe the emotions

Get the girls together, have some fun

Joyful Spirit

Surf, yoga, intuition, nature, exploration, creativity, journeying to self


Divine Sexiness

Want to be confident, sensitive, and assertive to attract that man you always desired, or reattract your partner!!.

I love money – it’s hard to say!!

The journey of wealth, Love & Money

Money & love is not an easy combination, lets break those beliefs about how you value yourself and tap away those emotions to renew your value

Take a trip to the city


Perth City Break

Don’t you just love exploring the city, but at the same Time want to feel good and not overwhelmed. Let me guide you to do both and see things with new eyes to be reinsured.

Not for you?


Chat to us about personalising something that suits

Pick some wellbeing, some creativity, a visit or more

Journey with me to harmony

Ask for a quote or a brochure of examples of personalised experiences that can create more wellbeing for you or your relationships.

I also work with schools and businesses to create experiences or relaxation sessions, for details please email me

Learn more about our breaks


When I began my journey of self discovery after a period of burn out, both mentally, physically and emotionally, I learnt mindfulness and realised how much it helped me to calm the mind, stop, slow down and release the constant thoughts to unwind and destress. Although I loved it, I found it was not enough, I needed energy techniques and ways to hear and clear my emotions through the body. So I learnt different styles for the mind and body. I trained with this method 3C for concentration, calm and control up to certified train the trainors ( developed by a psychiatric nurse for wellbeing in hospital to help patients through pain and difficult moments. I began developing mindful tours from my guiding experience.

I also realised as a passionate sensitive creator I needed to find some space away from it all, to recharge in nature to refine my energy deal with my emotions, sit, journal, contemplate and find some peace from everyone else’s emotions, so I could go back home renewed and get back to being me. I have adapted these experiences so you can learn how to do that for you in the everyday. I have offered these tools internationally wherever I’ve travelled making presence and mindfulness a daily practice and learning how to tap into my intuition to guide me with ease.

One thing I know is that success is an emotional journey. When things become challenging, when you’re feeling alone, feeling unhappy it often leads you to trying to do more, not less, or even shut down, often to avoid the inner frustrations, pain. This can lead to burn out. Making you stop.

Burn out is not just physical but psychological, an overwhelm of emotional exhaustion & repetitive thinking. It affects your sleep, your health, your relationships and creates inner or outer conflict.

The question is, how can you slow down without truly slowing down… change you mind, thoughts socks and underwear!!!

How do you reboost your sense of wellbeing, feel good through challenging times, become a healthier you, to manage those emotions so you can hear you, your inner desires and be guided to feel good.

It’s about finding a moment of calm to reset, release those persistent non-stop thoughts, get back to what’s important before you burn out.

These journeys are a short sharp way with a set of tools to teach you to be prepared for challenge and become more self-aware. They incorporate 3 mins tools for the body, mind and spirit to refocus your ideas on what’s important. It only takes 3 mins a day to start making a change, 11 mins to start making a difference & 60 mins to create new thoughts & actions, with repetition it becomes your new norm…..

It only takes 3 mins a day to start making a change, 11 mins

to start making a difference & 60 mins to create new thoughts & actions

Prices Start from:

For individuals

Out in a beautiful spot in nature we take time to pause and relax 45mins – 1 hour

$ 280
for your business or group of friends

Join the girlies, family or I have Tools for schools, business to incorporate into the day. Creating connection and collaboration.

From $ 120 hourly or ask for a quote
for your self discovery days or weekends

Depending on whether you choose accommodation

From $ 860

Book now

Get back to feeling good & create connection

Find the confidence to lead from the heart & let the head have a rest!!! | 0497 062902

Ersilia Tarantino

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