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Ersilia Tarantino Coaching

An enthusiastic entrepreneur & ideas person, dedicated to guiding you to NEW POSSIBILITIES in your relationships, starting with you, to be confidently who you want to be & do what makes your heart sing

Ersilia Tarantino,

I believe

that the missing link to success is more of you

the emotions, the heart & the gut!!


my mission is to uplift and inspire you, to help you hear those inner emotions, messages, and be that passionate you to create more meaning, and find flow for relationship harmony within and without. Raising your energy, vibes and motivation to fulfill your needs and desires, getting you where you want to go with more joy.

Australian born and UK raised with that Italian father to keep me understanding what La Dolce Vita is all about, I’m proud to have created a business that I love and that supports people to feel good as a way towards communicating their uniqueness for success.

I help people like you to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable to make that change that moves you forward in life, to live not just from the head but from the heart and dive a little deeper into yourself to find more life satisfaction.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a visionary, able to see the big picture and an insatiably curious individual that loves exploring. Not just the world but the human mind and human spirit. For the past 10 years I have been on a journey to discover what life feels like from the inside out.

As a sensitive passionate and creative soul I feel deeply and always felt different not fitting into societies "norms" and I wanted to know why!! I wanted to know the difference between joy vs struggle and understand my emotions, why we do what we do, what is true success and how to create more connection and harmony in my relationships. So I travelled to discover myself, the world and others. For a long time I perceived success as material success and got lost in those ideas. I perceived that my passion and sensitivity was a set back, my emotions no good and hid them. Instead I finally realised that that was my gold, sensitivity was a strength and emotions a guide through life, and the amazing gifts that come with them. As a passionate creator through my research and through my love of people, psychology and self awareness, I gained a multitude of life experiences both professional and personal. With an abundance of travel, developing and setting up businesses for myself and others and my spiritual knowledge and training, I put everything I know together and developed a method to help you to feel and stay confident, assertive and empowered through those ups and downs, changes and challenges, collapses of life and continue to communicate who you are with ease.

How did it all start?

I grew up travelling. After not knowing what to do leaving college I followed in my dad’s footsteps, became a tour guide and went into travel. It was exciting. Standing in front of 50 people, I quickly learned how to be bold, brave and courageous, but I didn’t know true confidence and how to be my true vulnerable sensitive self. Although I had heaps of fun and made great money, I began to feel lonely and unfulfilled.

So I went off on my own expedition in search of exploration, and experimentation! I spent years searching outside myself for the answers of what I was seeking, very often dissatisfied with life because I felt inadequate, comparing myself... But on the way I got lost – waylayed in NZ by a man, I gave up my dreams and passions to follow those of my partner, doing a multitude of odd jobs, but it taught me many skills.

From a young age as a tour guide I took people to see the beauty of the world. I now take them on a different journey,

to the see the beauty of their inner world and create the outer world to match

It taught me how to listen and follow my heart, my joy....How do you hear your heart?

by being present and stopping all the noise, mental, and external.

After many years following everyone else's dreams, back in the UK I didn't know who I was anymore or what I wanted. I felt so low I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on living but I did. Bolstered by some force deep within, I lifted myself into a space where I began to feel vibrant, sexy, sassy, assertive, and full of life again — something I hadn’t felt in a long time. When you commit to life, life commits and guides you back!!

I moved to France and finally began following my heart, my childhood dreams by opening a little cafe and juice bar by the beach and discovering more connection in my relationships.

However after trying to manage a juice bar business on my own, with the wrong ideas of success, trying to do it like everyone else and getting burnt out and exhausted balancing love and business, keeping up the image of the confident person everyone thought I was that didn't need help and could do it alone, I broke down.

My road back up came when I got to the bottom emotionally, mentally and financially, losing the relationship and giving up on business. At that moment I decided to get support to look within to change direction. Go on a spiritual inner journey. I also found coaching and it helped me refind my joy, my creativity the truth of who I was, the inner spirit to guide me. I found it so helpful I retrained as an Intuitive Coach and let my joy lead me back up like a compass in the right direction. I realized I needed to redefine my model of success, what drove me and motivated me and understood how I could be passionate and balance that in my relationships, let people connect with that, and that being sensitive and intuitive was a skill not a failure and I now use it in my everyday life and work.

The truth is everything you need is inside you

its just waiting to be discovered to help you thrive

including your unique gifts and talents, your joyful spirit and most importantly, your hearts desires. It allows you to connect more genuinely to those around you and feel good, supported. So often we look outside ourselves for the answers and keep going with those rational, logical ideas and with things we don't enjoy because that's how it's 'Supposed" to be. Instead of questioning and understanding that we are not just logical and rational, but emotional and heartfelt. Aren't we all just seeking contentment and happiness, and that's an inside job, its about learning to hear yourself and your desires that allow you to enjoy and create change, then use the head and rationality to put those ideas into place. Finding a new perspective that changes the direction in which we do it!! Its all about learning how to feel comfortable through the uncomfortable moments of making new habits, the transition times in life and there are plenty of those. Its called evolution and growth. If you aren’t growing you are stuck and stagnating and that’s where boredom or dissatisfaction sets in or that feeling of being lost. It means you aren’t heading in the direction of your desires. You can continue to complain and make excuses about why you can’t do what you want to do or you can do something about it. You can stop telling yourself that it is other people holding you back and take responsibility for what you want.

Are you ready to go for what you want and get rid of the crap holding you back. Instead go for the good S.H.I.T? SOUL, HEART, INTUITION, TRUTH

Goals, dreams, desires

Dreams don't work unless you do

Let me guide you to innovate the way you think, feel and

act to create new possibilities in your life

I bet you're an ideas person, an innovator I always have been but for a long time never recognised that about myself. I told myself all sorts of excuses why I couldn’t do what I wanted, why I wasn’t good enough and why joy was never going to earn me money, what would people think if I stepped outside of the box.

5 reasons I believe that working with me will get you where you want:

  • I don’t accept your excuses I help you work through them and brilliant at uncovering the hidden things you don’t know see that are holding you back
  • I don’t let you give up I support you when you feel its all too hard
  • I change your mind about what you are capable of doing as long as you too are committed
  • I show you the big picture and your possibilities then help you make a step by step plan
  • I am empathetic and sensitive but motivational and assertive
  • I don't give you the answers, I help you find the answers within you and follow your intuition.

I want to inspire and encourage you to new ways of thinking & creating to achieve success..... are you ready to change the way you do things, take a new approach, look from another angle of vision & take a 180 degree turn ?

At every moment you can tell if the vibration that you are sending is either a positive one or a negative one by identifying the feeling you are experiencing. The first step to achieving your desires is to be present

And now its your turn

What do you want to achieve?

and how can Coaching and taking a break help?

Most people don’t change they transform their habits, and taking a break from life, even for a short moment is how you become aware of the habits that keep you stuck as its a time for reflection, getting quiet hearing things in the silence and what you need to transform. Listening to those emotions which are the guide to whether you are going in the right direction. Learning what the messages are, and knowing that you are your best guide, not everyone else.

Coaching is the mirror that reveals to you the habits that are no longer serving you. To make new conscious choices on whats possible, how you feel about yourself. Accepting yourself, warts and all is just the beginning and then deciding to do something different is the next step.

It's uncomfortable to change your habits, step outside the box, do things differently and I believe that's when support can help to get a new perspective and not do it alone. Doing it alone is possible, but doing it together makes it quicker. Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the same level as the thinking that created it. I believe him.

Are you ready to let go of who you thought you were to become who you were meant to be and take the most amazing journey of your life?

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