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5th Nov, Geraldton

Come join us on a journey to relax, enjoy and return to love

This journey involves a mindful way to combine intuitive, creative and practical everyday tools for wellbeing to release struggle and cope with emotional, physical or everyday pain from illnesses, fatigue or other through the meditative process of mandalas

Create passio

For you if you’re “sick” of figuring it all out alone

You’re ready to understand how emotions affect your health & take your meditation practice to the next level
you love nature & want to learn ways to release thoughts to hear your intuition for guidance & new thinking

You’re wanting to Meet likeminded people and create new experiences
youre ready to release the old to bring in the new & stop getting distracted….

Then consider this day is truly for you, an immersive experience to teach yourself or others how to get back on track to feeling good, learn about the art of allowing, letting go and finding solutions to cope with pain or everyday struggles, emotions, difficulties through the creative process of mandala drawing. Let go and let life flow to find your purpose and meaning in pain.

Understand how to relax & find harmony amid chaos?

Discover and explore a 3 step process with proven strategies to boost your wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. and the profound transformation that arises when you release blocks to your natural genius

You’ll learn everyday tools to easily thrive through challenge, wake up on purpose and sleep easy

Use art to get focused, walk in nature to find inspiration and calm the thoughts, emotions and feelings

Begin to break those beliefs that you need to struggle to find success

Why Mandalas?

Why Mandalas?

Why Mandalas?

Why Mandalas?

A mandala is an art form that brings wellbeing and we use this art form to create a design for your own meditation cushion

A mandala represents you, the wheel of life, the circle of infinity, it starts from inside out and helps you go within. They are a perfect medium to find focus, calm and structure your ideas to understand how to cope with challenging situations.

A mandala brings focus and concentration: Focus and concentration bring calm. Concentration is the basis of presence and presence soothes the nervous system from overwhelm and thinking, which allows peace of mind to hear yourself, your body, emotions, your needs in challenging moments to boost your energy.

Mandalas can be used daily. Once learnt, they can be used everyday without judgement to let your mind release. You will get the chance to design a mandala on a specially made meditation cushion with guidance and structure from Charlotte our specialist.

A mandala brings intention is intuitive: As you connect to calm, get focused to yourself it brings out your personality, your ideas, it flows, and you let go with guidance from our intuitive specialist Ersilia. Research shows it helps you feel lighter, releases emotions, you feel brighter and find harmony in body and mind. A moment to disconnect to connect and communicate who you are in a new and fun way.

Meditate, create and find wellbeing from within, leave


Feeling uplifted with energy tools

Feel confident that you can begin to overcome your challenges, have energy to cope with painful situations, or disease in the body. Find connection, emotional health and answers to pressing questions


Find new objectives & solutions


Learn how mandalas can be used in your everyday life to get focused and clear on your intentions find calm, peace, and wellbeing, be readily for challenge and transition to a new diretion


Be supported and meet new people

Let your heart lead the way and understand what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams, projects or following your passions.

Engage in ways to seek positive change, gain insights into how to manage the emotional journey of life and feel reassured

Why Mandalas?

Why Mandalas?What we do?

Pain has messages for you and if you are willing to hear them you can find new solutions not just to cope but to thrive, manifest and change your relationship to it.

  • We start by a little bit of theory and discussion. Then take you through a series of exercises to calm the mind, find focus, regulate emotions and connect with your intuition. The method used has been used in hospitals to help clients deal with pain

  • This includes a walk in nature in a special spot outside Geraldton.

  • We understand your objectives, what you want, what you want to release, find intentions and let the answers arise to find solutions. Group dynamics are a great mirror to help support this.

  • We teach you basic and advanced structures of mandalas, do an intuitive relaxation and leave you to draw, explore, create.

  • We evaluate and see what arises and with the help of your facilitators interpret what they mean for you. The clarity of the language of your soul & higher

Lunch, have fun, take a break, and get reinspired.

Meditate, create and find wellbeing from within, leave

What’s a healing journey?

To heal you need to feel, and this process offers a deeper connection to find meaning in your pain, or struggles towards understanding your life’s purpose. This day is the ideal platform for self-reflection and alignment with what you value, what needs to be released to start or change directions. .A healing journey offers way to let go of thinking to become present to the now to find peace and harmony within your self to feel light and confident, freeing yourself to live fully and the courage to act despite diversity. With presence joy arises to heal pain. You learn how to raise your self awareness to discover what you need to move forward in life and how to release blocks to get those needs met or just be present to receive. It allows you to discover yourself and the emotions or blockages to meeting your desires, to create new experiences, behaviours, actions. Leading to greater emotional and physical wellbeing, improved relationships, . Letting go of the old to allow in the new for a more meaningful life.

What does it involve?

The first step is listening….Struggle, emotions, repetitive thinking and pain are often messages to help you understand your problems and at the same time also hold the solutions. Through a guided creative process of steps that include theory, practical tools, joining creativity, breathing, nature, intuitive tools and meditation we help you open up to define and understand a problem, pain, experience, struggle or repetitive issue, and any obstacles to clearing it. Use mindfulness for difficulties, create new intentions and allow the solutions to arise. Supporting you all the way through

What’s included?

Sometimes its not about talking its about moving and allowing. We guide you to learn everyday tools to release tensions, teach some mindfulness and breathing that stops the repetitive thoughts to find clarity on your desires. Teach you how to hear your emotions, take a beautiful walk in nature. Then through give you the materials to get creative, focused, and create a personal design for your own mandala meditation cushion. We finish by deciphering it, colours, lines, structure to hear answers to questions you may have, to learn more about you and overcoming your obstacles.

Lunch, snacks, all materials, paints etc are included so you can just relax.

Where ?

In the surrounds of White Peak Geraldton, where you will be inspired by the views and have time to connect to others in a safe space. Nature always has a way to help us find calm, presence and focus to get back on track to feeling nurtured.

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Mandala healing Journey

Mandala healing Journey


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You are in safe and experienced hands

Professionally trained facilitators in intuition & body work, with emotional awareness, art techniques both our facilitators have helped support creativity & healing towards wellbeing for many years

Meet our Faciliatators


About Charlotte

Born and bred in the Provence region amid the lavender fields, Charlotte brings her passion for design and creation to this event. Very often producing mandalas for her clients as body art. She now works in Geraldton in her own healing salon . Nature, her travels and most importantly connection with people fuels her inspiration who come to her fas a tatoo artist, and to create a design that represents their healing. She now brings her love of art and design to teach others

Tatoos and ink are her passion and medium

Through her business she heals the journey of life and helps symbolise that with custom creations that can be worn on the body.

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About Ersilia

Founder of Inspiring Breaks, intuitive, artist and creative Lifecoach, Ersilia healed her own journey through training in focusing tools and concentration and as a certified Intuitive Lifecoach as well as personally using mandalas in her art. Her training involved learning a method that was used to help cope with pain in hospitals. Her intuitive training also involved a module on conscious coaching – what our difficulties, struggles, diseases, pain life has to tell us. She helps you move through transition and change, everyday emotional challenges, having worked around the world. She is a specialist in emotions, wellbeing and intuition along with conscious communication tools that allow you to find more self awareness to create change from within to achieve your objectives with ease. She accompanies and guides you towards healthy happy relationships, starting with you…

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