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Emotions the missing key to success

what if your emotions were holding you back from your desires & were the quickest way to create change? connect easier with others your partner, children, colleagues, . ARE YOU READY TO RESET FROM YOUR STRUGGLES & find EASE. LESS CONFLICT MORE HARMONY

Stop feeling negative & find more enthusiasm & motivation

release confusion, overthinking, learn concentration tools for focus & clarity to change doubt into confidence

Create Peace & return to love

Return to love and joy by destressing, releasing worry & tensions that negatively affect your daily life, work or relationships

Feel at ease to communicate painful emotions

Let go of feeling pressured by others & gain techniques to feel well, be well and move forward from hurt or pain

Find New Energy to do more & express yourself authentically

Easier relationships, decision making, emotional regulation and productivity to develop your ideas, to do & earn more

This journey will help you:

better daily communication

communicate in new ways at work, at home, in business, with your kids, students, with money or even use them for language learning tools to communicate in english quicker and faster (with proven results)

better sleep and productivity

If you are having problems Sleeping these will help, 10 mins relaxation is like 2 hours sleep, helping you feel better to do more. You learn to deal with worry that keeps you up at night!!

tools for dealing with illness or pain

Ease tensions, If you have chronic illnesses or disease and need to deal with relaxing the nervous system, the struggle and pain it helps you to switch off and use techniques at home to find calm

tools for exams, learning, competitions, challenging moments or public speaking,

feel supported with confidence to thrive in competitions, sports events, exam times, public speaking or other. The Techniques will teach you how to feel calmer and more empowered with tools to release nervousness or agitation. It can help learn a new language faster or at school I have proven results teaching english to french students and kids in school classrooms.

I believe self care creates wellbeing for ease & communication, the missing key to happier healthier relationships

When you've tried everything else and nothing seems to change or if you've been repeating the

same old same old trying to get a different result then isn't it time to take a break and check in with yourself & your emotions to turn things around for a positive evolution, learn how to communicate differently

These mind body management sessions

could be your biggest success to create balance, and achieve more in your projects and relationships, helping you to feel better, live better and find focus. Emotions can be the make or break in our relationships. What if it was time you took a moment for you to fill up your own cup, reflect, renew so that you can overflow with love and harmony and share that instead of feeling empty, shutting down, unconfident, depleted, frustrated overwhelmed, disconnected leading to illness and go home and shout at the kids or hubbie!!

In a soceity that is constantly rushing with the pressure to do it's hard to find time just to be amid all the noise and deal with how you feel! But what if doing doing doing slowly leads to burn out and was not the only answer but instead a form of distraction to what you need or how you are feeling. Burnout is not only physical but emotional..When things get hard, when challenges in life arise, we try to do more, distract ourselves, but I've learnt that those are the moments to learn to do less so you can go within and hear the emotions that effect you, learn what you need to express to refind the enthusiasm to keep going.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed you create harmony, balance to prioritise yourself so you can help yourself and others to do more, filling up your cup to deal with life, family, work, business. You begin to release the guilt of feeling like you have to look everyone first, the pressure, stress and challenge. You let yourself slow down for a moment, to relax, give yourself the attention you need to hear your desires, keep going without the coffee, but with focus to get back to feeling good quicker, to prioritise, deal with emotions, challenge and change.

These moments will help you learn how to reboost your energy, drive and motivation to confidently express yourself, feel empowered and harmonious to achieve your goals quicker and faster in both your relationships, at work or in your projects. Adapting to or creating change with ease by releasing negative emotions to help yourself and others from a place of feeling fulfilled and full!!

Its all about learning to be prepared for challenging moments so you can cope, to pull out those magic tools that reinspire you back to the happy healthier you....

You'll begin to understand the body mind emotional connection to accept the negative and choose to change the story, feel more positive


You'll find you'll be less controlled by your passion, but live with it harmoniously, managed emotions or sensitivities to feel clear headed & find better solutions


You'll find taking action comes from an inspired place and not from pressure to be more productive, releasing procrastination


You'll enjoy your relationships easier as you begin to learn how to fulfill your needs and communicate in a more heartfelt way and return to love and compassion


you'll notice you'll have more focus and discipline, learning self awareness that creates easier change.

Yes it really works

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What they achieved

"I felt so nurtured"

I have gained confidence and find it easier to speak english being french

"I finally was able to calm the mind to meditate"

"as I share I feel lighter"

Is this right for you

Yes if you want to optimise your energy & find clarity
Reinvent open-source architectures

Yes if you are stuck in a cycle of repetition or overthinking and negative feeling, maybe even procrastinating and want to move through it or change it.

Reinvent open-source architectures

Yes if you are ready to stop being controlled by yours or others emotional reactions (partner/kids/colleagues/students) to return to peace & harmony, resolve conflicts, regulate emotions, speak with ease and calm.

Scale 24/7 experiences

Yes if you just need to relax the body, deal with pain, to feel grounded to create change with time out from the noise or struggle to feel better, clearer with more focus, direction or purpose....

is that a yes...

Book a consultation

The options to work with me are a personal session on line or in nature starting from 15 mins to 1 hour or 3 hours, a group wellbeing experience or a personalised program for an objective at work, school or a competition or sports event, calm for public speaking or to learn the english language quicker or faster..... I also offer tools for parents and children to reconnect.

This method helped Georgia:

The good french woman I am, I have often had complexes about speaking english, the accent, vocabulary and the rest seemed complicated. I wanted to coach in English and when I met Ersilia I did not speak so well. Ersilia taught me english for coaching. She knows how to put the person at ease and to gain confidence, she listens well and allowed me to progess at my own rythm, step by step. I am now autonomous and can even joke in english, proud that I can hold a conversation for over an hour. I have gained confidence and find it easier. I advise working with Ersilia, she does it in a fun way so that you don't think you are working but enjoying. A big thank you to Ersilia for her great humour and for listening

Georgia Vergier - Intuitive Coach

Don't dip your toe have a go and feel inspired to act for your dreams..... it only takes 3 mins to make a change in your thinking, 11 mins to create new ideas.....and 30mins to create new actions and emotions!!.