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"I Made it", 6530 Inspiring Breaks

A Co creative arts & wellbeing

Group, Geraldton

Come celebrate your style, boost your income & join our unique co creative arts & wellbeing group, Geraldton.

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Who for?

You're passionate, you've got ideas, you've even created product but its sitting at home or you're fed up of going to markets, doing it alone

What we do?

Support you to feel confident to earn income from your passions by providing a collective group to experiment, learn, boost your visibility and communicate your brand

Boost confidence

You bring your ideas, we create inspiration & experiences & help develop your business, engage new customers and keep your confidence going

Your wealth

Don't dip your toe, have a go. Do more of what you love and enjoy the ride whilst boosting your income, learn how to make income with your talents learn what the market wants

Stand out and be noticed.... read on

Give yourself time to create...

Do you find you are spending your time trying to sell, create, manage admin, find customers, balance kids, work, business and then loose your inspiration? Secretly you wish someone could do it all for you!!!

You want to sell your products, offer wellbeing, creations, ideas and innovative your wealth without taking the big risk of your own shop space to see if it works, or can't get the time to set up your website. You are not really a Facebook or instagram expert....

That's why we set up "I made it", Inspiring Breaks, a Creative arts and wellbeing Collective to develop your art space so people can connect, in and around the heart of Geraldton. Places where you creations can be seen, by people as they wander, ponder, relax enjoy. We also meet monthly to support each other and experiment in an easy way communicating to help you boost your creative spirit whilst surrounded by other likeminded people.

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No risk of taking a full retail space or lease

When you are not sure if it works how do you know if you can cope with a full retail lease, competition from the internet. Don't worry we've got you. You hire a space and get feedback from the market direct to know what works and what doesn't. You can offer workshops or experiences and develop new income. We have places for you as a designer, up-cycler, artist, maker, wellbeing worker to showcase your unique art, style or service.Hire on a monthly basis and get consistent feedback to understand the market.

Collaborate with likeminded people supporting you to get out and start make mistakes, learn and readjust no risk. Allowing you to make income from your ideas or create a side hustle.

Markets not for you, fed up of setting up and down every week. We provide a place where wellbeing joins creativity to help you to grow and evolve sustainably, expanding with ease.

What makes us unique?- Our cultural expertise in many markets, environments and developing various businesses. We are also visionaries & innovators and care about your success. We believe small entrepreneurs are the heart & soul of a city, along with young people and ideas.

We won't let you struggle alone, we will support you through mentoring, feedback, product design, from creation to progression to successfully keep you confident to build your business, understand your uniqueness, your marketing and more so that you can communicate your style and do what you love. It will help you to increase your sales, visibility and clientele. We have many years of mentoring, coaching & growing people!!

It's a place where you can demonstrate, participate or get involved to create events & exhibitions. We have over 20 years retail, hospitality & tourism event knowledge to support you to create unique experiences

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What we are looking for?

quality, design & uniqueness, creatives & wellbeing workers/products that:

are artisanal, hand crafted, repurposed or designed or sourced in an ethical way as much as possible with thought for the environment

use recycled and waste products in a unique way

create from scratch, or repurposed, inspired from who knows where, I know you do!!!

upcycle and present style with old and reused

local foodies, wellbeing products or wellbeing workers that may include art therapy creators, healers or that uniqueness you know you have...

work with products in an ecological fashion and as much as possible take care of the environmental footprint

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What do you receive:

New ways to expand and develop. We encourage and support new creative small businesses to test the market. Dedicated to boosting you to feel good about what you do and find the confidence to get out and be seen.

  • Shelf space or floor/wall space in a prime location for tourists, footfall and local shoppers in the main drag.
  • Monthly evaluation and mentoring personally or in a group with our expert facilitators, to keep you on track for success, emotionally and financially.
  • Access to national international connections to take your business further.
  • Promotion in our newsletters and on social
  • Consistent feedback from customers so that you make what you do to its best potential so it sells, find out what works and what doesn't
  • Merchandising & visual expertise
  • A one stop shop including coffee, food, people to spend time browsing
  • feel at home in our cosy, collaborative environment


Artists/creators basic package

For artists/makers/creators who need wall space or a place to set up an exhibit, join friends, create workshops and show what you do and can offer some volunteering.


$30 sq m per week


32 m wall space avail


from $25 an hour



Add on $48 pm Lifecoaching support package. Full details see below.

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Full Time

Our full time package allows you the opportunity to take a shelf without breaking the bank, having someone sell for you as you don't have time to volunteer. Refine and see what works and get out there.. Build your side hustle and maybe even turn it into your main hustle!!



From $40 per week

Includes electric, member of staff that sells, use of space when needed. Help and feed back with stock.

-1 free workshop a month of up to 3 hours. Great way to bring an easy quick return on your investment

Not sure what workshop to create? Telling yourself you have nothing to offer?

We got you....In this package we offer a 45 min guidance session, 1 per month, to find your unique gift and feel confident to set up private or group workshops with this. (I have 20 years experiencing working with groups, guiding and creating experiences, retreats, itineraries and workshops and to knock that critical voice on the head, that tells you you can't!!, what would I offer....who would pay me for that?). Are you ready??

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Advance fast package

What helps you to advance quicker. Personal support, space and time to reflect, bounce ideas and get feedback. With this package you get full Lifecoaching support 90 minutes per month.

  • 1 msq $60 per week

including space, electric, 1 workshop free per month, use of the space, to ceiling 5.76 sqm up to 12 sqm private space

Creators that take this package, find new platforms to market themselves or set up their own to sell, connect and communicate easier with new customers, increase sales and find emotional stability to believe in themselves and their products or art work. If you have already set up your business, and want to take it a step further in a sustainalbe and heartfelt way without pushy marketing, then this is for you.

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Wellbeing space

You are a coach, a wellbeing worker and looking for an office space to do workshops, group sessions and not enough clients to merit paying a monthly place. No space at home, rent for a week, an hour and see how it goes....

We offer a relaxed open space or closed offices. Great for massage, yoga, consulting, creating, small group workshops.

Short term or long term

1 hour

from $30

1 day

From $120

1 week

From $360


Ask for our rates

email us

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Let's connect you to more people to simply be seen...

Tel: 0497 062902

My Passion

I have a saying, find the beauty of your inner world and create the outer world to match......This centre was created out of a passion to bring creatives together in one space. At the same time to help nurture creative talent, sensitive individuals and boost empty buildings in Geraldton to bring back some vibrancy. I believe our environment matters and effects how we feel on the inside. Surrounding ourselves with things that inspire us can make a difference to our wellbeing. Bringing some beauty to you in a world that can sometimes be challenging so that you can change your mind, socks and underwear!!. As a young girl my creative talent came second and instead I followed logic, until I broke down and refound my inner creative spirit.

Coming from France to Geraldton in 2017 I was surprised at how many shops were closed in the main drag, and couldn't understand why. With research and my expertise in tourism, wellbeing & business I believe that the vibrancy of what's on offer in the town helps people to stay and explore. I wanted to find a solution to help. Inspired by Marcus Westbury, renewing rural Australia, and exploring Geraldton I realised there was so much young talent and creators not being given space. So I decided to create it. Bring them together like an experiential internet market, so that they could communicate be found and enjoy more abundance. I hope you can experience some amazing creations and feel good as you wonder through.

Consult with us to achieve your objectives & confidently communicate your style. Find out about our Intuitive Coaching

How we have already helped:

Earlier this year I was fortunate to meet Ersilia through a business associate in Geraldton. I needed a vacant tenancy to be set up into a café to commence trade in March 2021 prior to the Easter Holidays. Ersilia was set the challenge and established a café with in a couple of weeks. Her creativity, positivity and drive enabled the café to be transferred to a paying tenant with a lease of 3 years.  

Amanda Lohman, Previous owner IGA sunset

I came to Ersilia to set up my Airbnb space Greenough nature Stay so that I could transition from work to doing more of my own creative pursuits. What I loved about her is she was very hands on and stayed with me whilst setting the place up. Within 3 months I transitioned from work to earning from the Airbnb and doing retreats. This allowed me the freedom to then do my woodwork, spend time with my children and develop new ideas.

Become a passionate, powerful creator

More questions?

What the minimum and maximum space I can take?

We have a minimum requirement of a shelf cube style or linear metre, approximately 73cm x 90cm x 30 deep. The maximum space that we offer is 6sqm. We do have larger spaces available and studio spaces, please enquire.

What happens after I apply

We have a panel of experts that will consider your application in regards to specific quality control, uniqueness, where products are sourced from, how many similar products we already have and will inform you as soon as we can within a week of your application. If you application is refused we will offer feedback so that you may apply at a later date

Do you include shelves/racks/equipment?

We provide a shelf, clothes rack or other display units to keep the consistency of the shop and the design. These are free of charge for the first shelf, and at additional costs for any further shelves. We will consider your own equipment with consultation.

Can I be at my stand? Do you offer help with merchandising?

One of specialities of our place is that we sell for you so that you can do more of what you love. However we would love you to volunteer your time at your stand or in the collaborative space so that customers can meet the maker. This allows you to promote yourself and your product and to boost your visibility. We also have merchandising expertise and will help with this so that you product is displayed in the best possible manner.

Do you have space to hang paintings?

A large wall space 20M approximately. When you take a floor to ceiling space, you may hang pictures, much of the space has picture hanging rails provided.

What other facilities do you offer?

we have a collaborative kitchen, toilets, a studio space to create or paint and an area dedicated to offering workshops. We also have a coffee cart for rent or hire and coffee available all day in the store as an additional attraction for your clients. We have creative studios that can be hired on hourly or monthly basis and a place to relax a small upstairs balcony.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. We ask that you have public liability and product insurance. More details can be found about this in our terms and conditions. We suggest contacting Duck insurance to find out more.

How does the payment system work?

We have a centralised payment system. You will be given a qr code that corresponds to your business and payments taken against this for record keeping. A payment will be made directly to your account at the end of each month. More details of payment system can be found in the terms and conditions.

Can I share my space with other creators?

Your space is for you alone, we can discuss collaborations please ask at the time of application. All products will be checked to show that they correspond to quality standards.

What are you operating hours?

We are currently open 6 days a week. Closed Mondays and Sundays

Can I hold just a one off exhibition or workshop?

Yes. We can organise private evening events and exhibitions and our space is for hire for your groups, events or exhibitions. Please email us for your enquiries at

Do you have a space where I can paint/create/make?

At the current time we do not have a dedicated space, however as the space is large and depending on what you are wanting to do, we would love to show you creating in the space with the products, as we know customers and clients love to watch you create. Please ask at time of application.

Are there any stipulations in regards to food retailers?

All food products must be labelled as per the requirements of the local authority and government regulations and packaging comply with health and safety standards. Food businesses will need to demonstrate they have undertaken appropriate training and have passed inspection.

What does your wellbeing space offer?

We have an upstairs space of 260 sqm available for yoga, meditation, relaxation and two offices for receiving clients for massage, healing space or meetings. Please enquire about visiting the space. This can be hired on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Ready to create, dip the toe or have a go??

Tel: 0497 062902

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