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The Challenge of Me time

Sometimes we tell ourselves we need to slow down, make a change, or even have an idea of other things we want to do for work and then get caught up in life we do nothing about it. Taking me time feels guilty because if we do nothing, nothing seems like a waste of time. What are we doing relaxing? Find out how one of my guest bloggers dealt with the challenge and some tips and tricks to start.....

APRIL 7 2020

Join me to find emotional harmony



Rushing, I was always rushing and trying to fit too much into each day! There never seemed to be enough time, what with work, work & work! So when I decided enough was enough and I needed some me time, I felt a huge sense of relief. I mean it wasn’t like I haven’t been saving for a rainy day and could live relatively simply for a while.


So the first couple of months went by in a blur, getting all those jobs done around the home that I’d just never got too. Then I moved onto the bigger jobs, but there was always a voice inside my head wittering about the money I was spending. In fact, I realised I was actually spending more money now I wasn’t working full time, as I had so many home projects to do. Next the austerity measures kicked in, I mean after 30 years of not having to count my pennies, my bank balance was slowly decreasing and the rainy day fund was getting


Time is what we give ourselves for self care, before exhaustion sets in, reconnect to whats important, reevaluate and course correct

From enthusiasm to doubt? Have I done the right thing

Then the doubts start to creep in … will I every get another job, maybe I shouldn’t haven’t resigned, what if I run out of money… and all of a sudden the time out looses its appeal. To put it into context, I have been working and volunteering for 30+ years and have conditioned my self that work is my purpose. There is an old saying that you should work to live, not live to work but I now realise that I have lost that over the years and in striving for achievement, I haven’t taken enough time to enjoy the now.

What would I lose by stopping? and what could I gain

Many have asked me over the last 8 months, ‘what are you up too?’ and I’ve taken to telling them I’m on maternity leave with none of the complications! As a working woman who had fur kids rather than the real thing, I just haven’t ever taken any time out. So why shouldn’t I now take some time? When I sit back and look at it rationally, what’s a 12 month break in a 45 year working life? I’m incredibly fortunate that I really can afford it, yes, it sets my ultimate retirement goals back 12 months, but does that really matter?

I’ve heard it said, that many on their death beds, don’t regret not working more, rather they regret that they didn’t spent more time doing the things they love, with the people most dear to them. I’ve always thought that my friends who have led less hectic work lives sometime have too much time to think.

As I now discover, time to think can be both positive & negative, and for many, taking time out impacts in many different ways. The common feedback I’ve had is that when your ready for the next challenge, you will know and be much more focused and energised. But, getting there is not way without its challenges.

Tips ?

Time off at home is very different to time out to go travelling as it lacks the same level of excitement and fun. But when we have time off and our income drops, do we persuade ourselves that we can not afford to have fun?

If you haven’t got a financial planner, get one and work out exactly how long your rainy day fund could last and work backwards to how long it will take you to generate an income.

You can be working full time from home looking for opportunities and not generating an income for a reasonable period so make sure you have worked out your budget.

Then make sure you have a buffer just in case things don’t quite work out! There is always the unexpected, be it household expenses or whatever, you will feel better if you’ve allowed for something!

But most of all, take the time, smell the roses and have fun.

Interesting reading : https://bronnieware.com/blog/regrets-of-the-dying/


If you need help balancing and finding harmony with time out, work, relationships and children, it would be a pleasure to help. I also offer a Joy of Money program to deal with the stresses and challenges of transition through times of change.

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