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Living with Passion on Purpose to find harmony in the everyday - Personal or Professional Intuitive Development Facilitator




from connecting all of you, head, heart (emotions) body & spirit (inner guidance) to be self aware of what you're consciously creating & thats the path to the hidden gold, believing CHANGE IS possible & staying focused through uncomfortable moments to get there. No more excuses because thats the resitance to change.

If you're ready to do it differently & turn your struggles into successes, use your passions in harmony, you're one step away from

making your ideas happen

& I'm happy you found me

I guess you realised it's time for change and seeking answers?

and maybe you've got lost stuck or struggling to understand what you truly desire or why it's not working or how to trust your ideas to put them into motion, and be sure they'll work or even what you really want. I've been there, done that and it's tough. Join me on this program to dive deep and learn the steps to refind your true real desires & use your passions positively to express them in a way you will be heard, dive into the REAL Stuff, ... Souls calling, Hearts whisper, Inner Wisdom, the lost parts of YOU to consciously redirect your path to new experiences in your relationships with focus.

I've been helping people release confusion to discover their hidden blocks for the last 10 years to take purposeful action to begin revealing your deep hidden desires....that nagging thing you keep telling yourself you'll do one day....like travel more, write that book, start that business.

Perhaps that one day is now? and it's time to stop making excuses about why you can't do it & learn how you CAN to feel good...to love who you are to do what you love and love what you do, consciously creating passion with purpose.

you’ll begin to remember what lights you up, what brings you joy & find more courage & satisfaction to make a difference…waking up with more purpose... aligning with what you came here to be...

My Goal is to help you achieve your dreams & return to love &

the biggest question I get asked is:

How can I refind my inspiration & motivation ?

Let's take a LifeCoaching journey to find out because figuring it all out alone is difficult,

trying to control how it goes is exhausting, going within with guidance,

the right support & tools makes it easy….. & sustainable to hear your answers

You'll learn how to

get over your fears of moving to new things, be passionate & harmonious, balance life, work, love, using your talents to be more impactful in your life. Become more self aware of how you work, what you need so you can consciously create better choices. Walk away from my sessions with :

renewed confidence

Wake up with more energy feel more engaged, focused and motivated ridding yourself of distractions and other peoples ideas to take yours and make them happen

renewed courage

ditch the doubt, be true to you. Trust your hearts desires & assertively express that in your life, business or relationship. Get comfortable through challenge & how to say no.

Feel supported to transition through change more easily

woman, sit, boardwalk-
renewed confidence

Free yourself from stress, confusion & emotional burnout

renewed courage

cultivate your intuitive intelligence to feel comfortable you are making the right decisions & attract new opportunities

Learn mindfulness, emotional awareness and intuitive tools to use in your life, work or relationships.

most of all the Process will bring out your inner creativity & gifts.

Renewed Confidence & courage to do that thing!


More satisfying relationships, with yourself, at work, with your partner, kids.....


Peace & Emotional Harmony from within to communicate your desires


often the

the best way to know if something works is to try it, experiment. Try a lifecoaching session and give what you feel

It will help you get clear, jump start your ideas and find the blocks that are holding you back.

Start with a try and test

The deeper dive Path to Possibility 4- 16 week program The change my clients experience

  • INCREASED CONfidence and courage
  • renewed energy, clarity & inspiration
  • new income
  • attract more opportunites
  • learn how to communicate effectively
  • feel freedom and stability
  • start living your dreams

This course involves?

Self management tools for life

Ideas to thrive through change

The Path to Possibility Conscious Creation Program

Step 1


What is it your truly desire, what makes you tick, passionate, gives you purpose, drives you positively. Let's get super clear so you can understand your vision, the experience of life you want, your talents, your gifts, your creativity, your uniqueness and how to use them in your life successfully. Sometimes you get stuck in your head with too many ideas on where to start. Let's get rid of the mental chatter & confusion. We work in different ways personalising what you need to tap into your heart.

Find Focus, clear procrastination

Master your mindset & motivation, create direction

4 weeks at your own pace

Step 2

Releasing that inner critic


that inner voice, the critic that puts you down, makes you feel uncomfortable when you want new things. You learn how to overcome old habits and release excuses to change, deal more easily with rejection.

Find rebooted confidence

Find more energy to beat the blues

Learn mindfulness & energy tools.

Explore your entrepreneurial spirit

4 weeks at your own pace

Step 03

Transform your struggles

with Emotional Freedom

Emotions hold the messages to what you need, your purpose, even anger can be positive. Learn effective self management tools to understand yourself & others learn & feel more self love. Learn:

how to put boundaries down

how to deal with negativity

how to boost your energy

how to deal with sensitivities, passion, others emotions in healthy ways

how emotions lead you to your purpose

how to use them to manifest & consciously create

4 weeks at your own pace



Develop your Intuition

For ease

Intuition is your own inner wisdom that always seems to get you where you want to go quicker. Learn effective tools to start listening and trusting it and overcome rejection from others.

Differentiate intuition from fears & emotions

Learn which is your strongest unique way to hear it

how It can help you attract opportunities

bust the myths of purpose vs mission

save time & money avoiding the wrong things, find what's right

it's not about working hard but more effectively & productively


STEP 5 Co-Creation

Relationship Harmony

Communication is key to any change as change brings conflict. Learn how to use non violent, conscious communication to be heard, be authentic, be you & still be effective confident, passionate and assertive.

Learn how to lovingly express yourself, let go of control

Release old issues and struggles create more harmony at home or work

balance the ups & downs of relationships

4 weeks at your own pace

Pricing & what's next

Choose which step you need or book a whole program

Each step consists of 4 1 1/2 hour coaching sessions to do at your own rythm, once a week or biweekly. You can choose which step you need to advance with clarity. A 4 week program that is personalised for you starts from AUD $597 and a 16 week program is AUD $1920 available to pay in installments if required

I work online via skype, what's app or facebook or in person in Geraldton, Perth Australia and Bournemouth UK

How to connect: Please click here to contact me with the best times to chat or give me a call on +61497062902

Once I've received your email I will be in touch to set up a session. Look forward to meeting you.


Life starts on the edge of discomfort, ready to fly


Intuition is your inner wisdom & listening to it may bring the change you need. Through my coaching sessions I use my intuition to help ask the right questions to find the answers to

your path, purpose and allow you to learn the same. You will rediscover your creative spirit, that lost part of yourself, stop procrastinating, trying to make things happen & learn how co-creating with the universe allows what you want to experience real.

“When you do things from the heart the head begins to rest”

Ersilia Tarantino

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Turn your passions into purpose

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I wanted to transition from full time work to earning money from my airbnb & property. What I love about Ersilia was she was very hands on, we created a plan & strategy & within 3 months I had quit my job, to work from my creativity and gain income from my airbnb & retreats.

Max Royce, Owner

If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing experience this is the one to have. It was above and beyond what I expected. Ersilia organised a personal weekend for my birthday with a group of 3 girls & the results in my life 6 months later are noticeable. I got clear about a relationship that was not serving me. I feel I am living my passion more and more each day.

Melissa Weir, Geraldton, Australia

MG Concierge Services


This 4 day week exceeded my expectation, I now have defined my goals and took a good look at myself. I learnt that I need to say "no" more, that I am worthy and can ask others for help. I'll continue to use some exercises and it was an excellent week. Ersilia & Cat, keep on doing the good work, so more people can benefit and learn the skills to fulfil their lives. Thanks for everything


Hossegor, France

I started Coaching with Ersilia after a relationship break up over a year ago. With the help it gave me I decided that it was a great transition to myself become a Coach. I have completed my training and it's helped me develop myself, my emotions and confidently hear myself, my path and intuition. I have booked my flight to start my dream of travelling.

Mahli Amanda, Coach Geraldton


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The journey to Joy begins

on your path to your desires, are you ready to fulfill them ?