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Uplevel your skills, find your true calling, create experiences from your knowledge or passion, guide retreats, add some intuitive and Emotional Awareness tools and become a more effective transformational parent, Lifecoach or entrepreneur

Intuition the 80% untapped potential that can guide your life to new experiences

Have you dreamed of finding the freedom to work for yourself, travel the world, do what you love all whilst making a difference in the lives of others? Uncertain of you next career path, why not create new Experiences & possibilities & become an Intuitive Coach and Facilitator ?

The Personal & Professional development and Lifecoaching industries are set to explode and we need you. In Partnership with Lunion Formation the no.1 school for Coaching and Intuition in France, I offer a unique training course

With more then 20 years experience and 1000’s of trained coaches bringing a unique and proven method to Australia

Don’t be one in a million,

stand out and be different


the training is unique as it offers a number of possibilities:

Become Certified

To train as a certified excellence and intuitive Coach to create new choices in your professional orientation & the change to create a fulfilling future.

No Skills Required

Learn skills to self coach yourself through life, hear your intuition loud and clear to make easy decisions that are right & boost your motivation, satisfaction levels & find your lifes path, mission or purpose.

Work with groups

to work with groups create experiences from your passions, learn communication techniques, meditation & more. Be confident to guide retreats or to add additional tools to your repertoire as a therapist or wellbeing worker.

Different options

 to learn new communication techniques & effective management skills with a difference for body mind connection & emotional & intuitive intelligence tools for leadership.

If you desire to match your work aspirations with something more fulfilling & boost your skills,

enjoy accompagnying others to succeed, in a transition moment in your life or career.

This course will teach you to understand how to overcome your problems or achieve a goal more quickly,

and give more sense to life.


The course can be taken in a group or personalised to work around your schedule to incorporate the skills and tools into your work. Excellence certified up to International Coaching Federation Standards, complet all 5 levels

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with a new direction, feel confident that you know how to accomplish your dreams and goals and how to support others to do the same. Ways to feel good and manage the negative to turn it into something positive. Find satisfaction and life contentment far quicker and faster. Believe you can make a difference and find do that more easily and effectively. Have a number of tools to deal with emotions, and relationship communication.

More and more people are searching support to understand what they really want to do, their emotions and inner sense of wellbeing, not just fumble around in life no purpose, but enjoy life, serve others and make money from their passions.

You questions will be answered on How you can live a balanced life, how you can create transformation that is sustainable. How do you attract what you need to get what you want? How do emotions and energy effect what I do and who I am and what I achieve in life? All valid questions. Would you like to know the answers and boost your energy to optimise all areas of your life, and train others to do the same.

It’s not just another course it’s a lifestyle, join our family of coaches to be supported to learn how to lead from the heart

What’s included

Over 50 Coaching Tools

Tools to transform on all levels, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual

Mindfulness, 3 minute tools, stress releasing exercises, relaxation, energy boosting techniques

Support to set up your business and create success

A support group and monthly interaction

Create inspiring experiences




5 Levels of training available

The course can be taken in a group or personalised to work around your schedule to incorporate the skills and tools into your work. Excellence certified up to International Coaching Federation Standards, complet all 5 levels

Level I Coaching and Intuition

This is the basic course that offers over 50 tools to get started. After this you can begin to Coach.

Level II – Intuitive Coaching

This level gives tools to use with clients to bring out their intuition, it explains what it is, how to use it in a practical way, what is your intuitive specialisation, all about chakras and more understanding of their heart intelligence and joyful spirit.

Level III Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching allows you to understand how to adapt the tools learnt to your own industry or skills, what are your skills and to develop your own coaching tools.

Level IV Coaching Life’s Mission, being, purpose

This is an exciting journey where you learn tools on how to help people understand their mission in life, their life path and what is their purpose.

Level V Coaching Consciousness

This works with the energy of the person and laws of the universe, to understand that everything around them gives them clues to their life story, their obstacles, for example the house they live in, the clothes they wear. Tools to dive deeper for clarity.


If you wish to take your journey a step further this last level offers you the opportunity to learn to facilitate and train others in coaching. You will have needed to take all other levels and be certified before completing this course.

Each Step offers:

Support from start to finish, with ongoing connection to not feel alone. Tips and tools for emotions, working with focusing tools, body tools, intuitive intelligence and mindful meditation

The course is an holistic approach to wellbeing taking into the account that we are not just a mind but have needs on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical to create better more sustainable change. It can be used in conjunction with your own skills and talents to creatively develop your own tools. For example we have taught horseriders to coach with horses, dancers to coach with dancing, artists to coach through art.

Let yourself be silently drawn to what inspires the heart, the body & the mind

find your own life path and mission

support others to wellbeing

adapt the tools in your daily life

renew your joy for life, tap into your creative potential


  • This course is for anyone wishing to work with people. It offers the possibility to work with management, individuals, entrepreneurs, young people, children

For those truly wishing to lead from the heart and tap into their full intuitive potential





What does it cost?

Prices start from AUD$2355 for basic course, payment plans available. Send an email to to download our brochure for more details.

Let’s have a coffee to see if I can help and guide you to see if its right for you

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don’t let your dreams just be a rambling desire, act now for your happiness and wellbeing


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Après avoir suivi en e-learning l’intégralité du cursus, et obtenu, voilà quelques mois, la Certification en Coaching de l’Excellence®, je tiens à témoigner ici de la qualité de l’enseignement dispensé : les nombreux outils fournis et directement utilisables sont l’aboutissement d’un vaste travail de recherche et d’une synthèse rigoureuse.


Anne-Marie AlvarezCoach thérapeute

Angel Cunningham

Cette formation est un catalyseur de changement car elle pousse à être dans l’action. Elle contient tous les éléments de développement personnel, pour prendre conscience, comprendre, se connaître, et apporte en plus l’impulsion et le courage qu’il faut pour changer et avancer. Elle est à la fois accessible à toute personne n’ayant jamais travaillé sur elle, et néanmoins très puissante. Il y a une dimension très spirituelle sans pour autant entrer dans quelconque courant spécifique.


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Carolyn Bush

“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I really appreciate there approach,recommend to everyone”
Angel Cunningham
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