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Emotional Freedom Journey for Parents & Children

Guiding you to create happy, healthy relationships with

3 mins tools for successful parenting

From conflict to peace, tools that support both yours & your childs' evolution & growth with Confidence & success through the challenges and changes of growing up

From Ages 3 upwards

How great would it feel if you could find some support to understand your needs and those of your children?

Change for children can be hard, transition moments are very often emotional and can create conflict for you and them. Creating balance & harmony with work, life, kids is not easy, to find time for your passions and dreams with support from those around you. Maybe you don't have that supportive unit nearby.

Perhaps you are worried about how to discipline them because you feel bad as a solo mum or dad your children have been effected by a separation, divorce, a transition time, move, a change at school or with friends, language barriers. They are not performing at their best or highly sensitive, shy or angry and agitated all the time with outbursts that you don't understand.

Its exhausting when kids are always vying for your attention and you aren't sure how to deal with those demands on your time or you are a solo mum or dad, perhaps your situation has changed recently. How do you help them cope through those challenging times. They usually come first right? and you probably feel guilty for putting yourself before them, it seems wrong! How do you allow them to grow into the status of a balanced, creative and responsible adult when you're exhausted and its causing conflict for you or them?

How do you communicate with more ease to be heard? Sometimes whatever you do doesn't seem to work and then you lose your temper, your mojo and you just can't help it!!. Being a parent isn't as easy as you thought, but you would never admit that.

Did you know that by teaching your children positive behaviour exercises it frees up your time. It gives them their own tool box to autonomously delve into to deal with their emotions, needs or feelings and get back to feeling better quicker. They give themselves the attention and nourishment they need instead of always searching for it from you. You spend less time controlling behaviour and more time connecting to one another.

Consider this:

Have you ever wondered why your children get agitated angry or play up or hide away shy and unsure? Mostly because there is an unmet need, an inner conflict they are not sure how to deal with, resolve or communicate to you and can't help you to feel happy.

It's hard to know how to be the right example for your children when the only model you have were your parents, and it may not have suited what you want or who you are. Alternatively you listen to soceity or education telling you what to do that does not always help develop the unique qualities and strengths of your child.

We often give up our needs for our kids stay in unhappy situations longer then we 'should' or don't express how we feel, because society teaches us that it's seen as the right thing to do, put their needs over yours, and up to a certain age that's true, but we continue to do that and instead you remain unhappy.

What do you do when that happens? usually tell them to calm down, shout at them, tell them off, which does not fulfill or validate their needs, requests and they are full of emotions, they don't know how to express what they want clearly and we often don't have time to hear them or listen to them and things get worse or you feel bad. It creates inner conflict

and that effects your relationships, perhaps your work.

All you want is the best for your children right? To teach them how to be happy. Instead you teach them to feel guilty and sacrifice their own needs for others.

its not because you are a bad parent or they are a bad child its because nobody has taught you to understand the evolution and needs of your child as they grow and learn. To communicate in a different way. This method will help you and your children to:







'There is joy in self awareness

The big problem on my clients mind is how can I help my child to feel better whilst at the same time say no in a compassionate way, to sometimes put myself first, not run from work school to exhaustion.

Not just be a mother or father but that sexy sassy vibrant person you once were. Confidently and consciously parent in the way that suits you and your child without comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate or embarassed. Assertively knowing you are doing whats best for you and your family..

When you work with me you will learn the fundamental needs of your child, the stages of growth and what they need . How investing in you can free up your time and at the same time helps your children. Instead of being exhausted you'll learn the keys to know how to confidently put boundaries down, that helps everyone communicate effecitively, feel heard and deal with emotional triggers when your children demonstrate behaviour that you don’t understand It is especially supportive if you are a lone parent .


 It will help you to feel good again, know how to express yourself authentically to get support from those around you and give you a boost of self confidence to do things in your own unique way....... and you'll even have time to start you dreams or find your own passions!!!

What you gain:

  • more self awareness about what you need to feel supported and structure for your child
  • know how to communicate, how to discipline and not control in a more effective manner and say no in a compassionate way
  • know your boundaries, to be more productive and reduce conflicts
  • Increase your motivation & energy and give you more space, freedom and time
  • Emotional support for you both and the right attention to feel heard and appreciated
  • how to be assertive to get your needs met to find time for you
  • Feel more confident in yourself and your relationships
  • Find more harmony with your partner, or time to find the new man/woman of your dreams!!
  • better understanding of your childs evolution, brain spurts, and ways to support them at school or at home without controlling

With tools that last a lifetime, it helps you both to develop more calm, feel happier and brighter by developing better relationships, self confidence and self awareness. Creating less conflict and more wellbeing. It is done in a fun and gentle way through discussions, exercises and play.

What your child gains:

  • daily tools for self management, their inner world, their thoughts or emotions,
  • learn to experiment and explore by themselves
  • create better more positive attitudes and help them express in their own language
  • regulate their physical or verbal reactions, e.g anger, outbursts, sadness or manage stress, frustrations, tensions or other.
  • feel more self confident, freedom to be themselves with more self awareness
  • waste less energy on the wrong things and use it wisely to bring more attention and focus to what they do
  • The capacity to grow into a well balanced individual and a larger capacity to adapt to their environment
  • create reslience and winning growth mindset

A practical solution for you and your children to gain more energy and free up your time. Don't just be a parent, be that sexy, sassy vibrant woman or man you once were

Today you can feel at ease

knowing you have new ways & tools to teach your child how to feel better and to communicate in a new way. Be heard, understand their needs and yours instead of feeling confused, concerned, consistently exhausted that nothing you do makes a difference or feel bad, have slammed doors and feel helpless.

  • Instead of struggling to cope you learn tools that take 1 minute of your time and last a lifetime to calm and change their thoughts, their reactions and their behaviours and emotions to grow up to be a winner!!

If you want to go from struggle to peace & harmony ready to experience a new way of living then give me a call to chat about how I can help you find balance. +61497062902, ersilia@lifecoachersilia.com

What people say

Ersilia looked after my child, 3 years old for 3 months daily after we had had a change coming back from India to France and my child was reserved and confused about the language and transition and my husband often away. She helped me understand his needs as a sensitive child, develop boundaries so I could work at home instead of having to leave the house as I was doing and boost my childs communication. She spent time to really understand and care, worked with him through play, offering exercises that suited who he was and for us to both feel better.

Sam, France

Since I have started practicing the 3C method, I feel more relaxed, I find it easier to concentrate and I am more calm.  I can better control some of my reactions that to the exercises like the Wood Chopper. When I go to the 3C session I am always happy because I like the atmosphere of the class and what it brings me.

O - 11 years old

I had a very interesting comment from the National Education Council who came to my class last week and who were astounded to see how children of 6 years old compared to other classes were able to concentrate and were calm.  They were dumbfounded and asked me how do you do it?

E - Teacher, Martinique

Using the method 3C

What are my options to work with you?

Options to suit all budgets

Option 1: Group Classes for your Children

Currently running in Geraldton: Tuesday evening 16h Whitepeaks, Ages 8-12.

Trained in Europe specifically to work with children, facilitating workshops with teachers, schools and private one on one sessions I teach a body mind method that is adapted specifically for children to give them 1 minute tools to find autonomy to deal with the ups and downs of life, exam stress, relationship issues, or pressure of performing at school, for sports competitions and gain confidence. I am also a highly sensitive individual that went through years of pain not knowing how to deal with it and what worked best for my evolution. I have spent years studying psychology of change, brain science and the growth steps and evolution of children.

The method I use offers a mixture of education on mindfulness, breathing tools, yoga exercises, work in pairs, relaxations. It benefits them by bringing calm the basis of all success and concentration to engage. Perfect to help with stress of exams, change, adaptation to new schools, divorce or to connect in their relationships self regulate their emotions and control their reactions


Payment Options

Option 2: Personalised 1-1 coaching

Individual sessions to help your children with their behaviour to feel more positive and deal with the stresses of challenge and change. I adapt a program that is specific for you and your needs, that offers an observation platform and evaluation to help you deal with the problems and conflicts you may be feeling. It offers tools to boost you and your child through difficult moments to feel better.









Option 3: Training & workshops

I offer Parent child workshops. Training for coaches to work with children and add additional tools to their repertoire or offer programs for schools.

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